Bless Hello Baby our home away from home!!!

When you decide to have kiddz back to back but your son is used to you taking him swimming, Gymboree, and play dates on fleek. Yet money starts getting a little tight. The mommy guilt starts to kick in and My Girly Girl hates her car seat she will literally scream till she’s hoarse. Finally heard about this amazing place called Hellobaby. Can you say FREE.99 and by the time she gets started we’re there. It may sound silly but I was so nervous when I started going because Mister was a runner and I feel very vulnerable with two babies by myself. I get a little emotional thinking about this Mrs. Debbie and Ms. Kiah were so kind to offer to help me in and out of my car. It kinda eased me. People donate to them frequently and so do I. It’s the best feeling knowing I can take almost anything there and it can benefit someone else. The staff is just phenomenal they treat us like family and greet us by name. They don’t have a clue how grateful I am for them they are “MY VILLAGE”!!! Mrs. Debbie and Ms. Kiah are in the pictures above. Ms. Anetra not pictured also another kind hearted staff member there.


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